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Q. What are some suggested activities for my student to do over the summer?

A. Summer is a wonderful time for students to take a break, rest, and recharge before the next school year. Try to keep a balance of rest and leisure activities, while encouraging them to be productive and moving forward.

Rest and leisure activities:

1. REST: Sleep, focus on nutrition and exercise. Spend time with friends and family! Spend time outdoors in the sun if possible - take walks, enjoy the beaches, and parks.

2. LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Explore and travel! Visit your local museums, libraries, and participate in community events. Travel if you can to explore different cultures to have an understanding of the world.

Classes, Volunteer/Work:

3. CLASSES: Have your student take classes and camps in areas of interest - such as art, music, sports, cooking, or learning a new language. It is a wonderful way for them to discover what their interests are and what may be an extra-curricular in the coming school year or afterschool activity. Encourage your younger kids to continue reading and your older children to take online classes either for remediation or for pre-requisite courses.

4. VOLUNTEER or WORK: Volunteer or have them get a summer job (or internship). Kids can volunteer in their community, church, scouts, etc. Older students should consider getting a summer job whether working at a local restaurant or interning at a company pertaining to their major.

Keep in mind, the most important thing your student needs to do over the summer is unwind and REST. The last generation raised kids who enjoyed summer months of play - wide open days of unstructured time that led to creativity and well-being. So please keep in mind the balance that our kids so desperately need today.

Happy Summer!

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