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Special Needs School Placement

go! provides specialty assistance for children with special needs, learning differences, and profound giftedness. We have consultants who work with neurodiverse students and understand their needs.

Special Needs School Placement is a fully supported search in which our Consultant will work with the family until placement. It includes contacting schools, scheduling visits, discussions with family, and finally, placement. Fees applicable per one admissions cycle. 


At times, our consultants have recommended testing for a family whose child is having difficulty in school. Other times, parents understand the special needs of their children and are even more concerned regarding a move or transition. We often consider this

the “Hidden Iceberg” to a relocation. Stress levels and the stakes are high. Rest assured, we have Special Education Needs (SEN) Consultants to work with these students and their parents.


Unique elements of our Special Needs School Placement include:

  • A Special Education Needs (SEN) Consultant: The family will be matched with one of our SEN Consultants. This specialist will review all psycho-educational evaluations, IEPs (Individualized Education Plans),  504s (both for the U.S.) or those who have an EHCP (Education Health and Care Plans) for those in the UK. Their home/host expertise enables them to effectively communicate the child's needs to school personnel. The SEN Consultant will also highlight any cultural differences in testing and processes.

  • Private Schools and International Schools:  Can accept or reject anyone they want, on any basis. They oftentimes limit the number of students that need support to ensure their community of students have proper teacher-to-student ratios. Our SEN Consultant will work with the school to see if their support will be a good fit for your child.

  • Public Schools: Some districts are better equipped to support students with special needs. Our SEN Consultant will work through and determine the best districts to support the student.Whether a classroom aide, therapies on campus or itinerant support, our consultant will be your advocate.

  • Advocacy and Coaching: As your advocate, our SEN Consultant will help coach parents to best work with the schools and their special ed departments. We believe parents should be transparent about their child’s needs to ensure the school will be able to deliver the proper support needed.

Special Needs School Placement typically includes:

  • A comprehensive intake call with a Special Needs Educational Consultant and parent(s). This call includes understanding of the following:

    • Family situation

    • Student(s) profile: Child’s unique academic, psychological, social/emotional, and physical needs

    • Parent long-term education and personal goals for the student

    • Work/School timelines

    • Discussion of home/host curriculum differences

  • Possible calls with teachers, tutors, doctors, and/or various therapists.

  • Review of transcripts and student’s interests

  • Review of IEPs, 504s, doctor reports, therapist reports, etc.

  • Determining goodness of fit schools (academics, special needs support, extracurriculars) and providing a list of possible schools matches:

    • Public and/or private

    • Support available 

    • Location and information 

    • Reasons for family match

  • Contacting schools:

    • Admissions, Admin, Special Needs Departments

    • Brainstorming strategies, programs, and services 

    • Advocacy, Advocacy, Advocacy

    • Determine spaces available for special needs student

    • Admissions timeline

    • Scheduling

  • Prepping families for school visits 

  • Application review (if needed)

  • Interview prep (if needed)

  • Options determined and discussed

  • Student is placed

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