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School Interviews are extremely important as a child’s “soft skills” and personality now play a more prominent role in a student’s application. go! educational consulting’s Interview Prep ensures you and your child are prepared for the school interview. Our educational consultant will provide coaching for your child through  “mock interviews”. The mock interviews will ensure a successful school interview/visit. You will also receive go!’s proprietary and comprehensive “Interview Prep & Questions” document which provides:


  • Encouraging you and your child to do your “homework” on the schools and develop questions to ask.

  • Being prepared for the different styles of interviews.

  • Tips for in-person and virtual interviews.

  • Providing questions schools may ask

    • Having the student prepare notecards on possible questions and their answers.

    • Practicing these questions with our educational consultant during mock interviews.

  • Providing questions schools may ask parents (for the parent interview) with thoughtful answers. 

  • Questions parents may ask schools during the interview or visit.

  • Protocol for after the interview.


Three sessions

  • First Session: Our educational consultant will get to know the student, their personality, their goals, and interests. They will review the schools/their homework (questions and answers on notecards).

  • Second Session: Mock Interview - practicing interview questions and the student’s answers, helping them be at ease and coaching them to let themselves shine in the interview (who they are and how they present themselves will actually be more important than what they say).

  • Third Session: A final run through to refine the first mock interview. Ensuring being comfortable with the possible questions but also being able to answer on the fly with unrehearsed questions.


Our Interview Prep service will boost your child’s confidence and prepare them to talk to Admissions. It will also provide the questions they may ask the student and parent, in addition to questions parents will be interested in asking the schools.

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