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go! offers Academic Mentoring/Life Coaching. Parents who have a middle or high schooler may have concerns about their student’s stress, anxiety regarding college, or social development. Our educational consultants serve as academic mentors/ life coaches working directly with the student to discuss their academic and personal development. Conversations may include organizational skills and time management, as well as the social/emotional concerns of the student. Sessions often increase engagement and motivation, and focuses the student to move forward both academically and in their journey of becoming young adults. Many of our educational consultants are counselors, teachers, and coaches, who are also moms and dads and have been through the entire academic journey with their own children.


Sessions are usually 1x to 3x per week and include support in their academic studies. This service also includes a recap to the parent updating them on their student’s progress.


Please contact go! educational consulting at to support your student.

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