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VIP/Concierge School Placement

We recommend our premier package for VIPs within a company or any Concierge Family that may desire an even higher touch service. This package is also recommended for a family in an especially complicated situation. 

VIP/Concierge School Placement is a fully supported search in which our Consultant will work with the family until placement. It includes contacting schools, scheduling visits, discussions with family, and finally, placement. Fees applicable per one admissions cycle.

Our experienced consultants frequently work with top corporate officers, celebrities, athletes, etc. and are attuned to paying special attention to meet a VIP’s often demanding expectations. During this white glove service, they are also versed to work with a high level of confidentiality.

Unique features of our VIP/Concierge School Placement may include:

  • A consultant who will be available for extended hours for more immediate communication and extra hand holding.  

  • Sourcing appropriate extra-curricular activities resources for the family that goes beyond academics.

  • Providing additional services as it relates to their children’s schooling that may be needed (phone calls, liaising, etc.)

  • Checking-in with the family after school placement for the first month, to ensure a smooth and successful educational transition.

VIP/Concierge School Placement typically includes:​

  • A comprehensive intake call with the family (with or without the student). This call includes an understanding of the following:

    • Family situation

    • Work/School timelines

    • Student(s) profile

    • Parent(s)’ long-term education goals

    • Discussion of home/host curriculum differences

  • Review of transcripts and student’s interests

  • Determination of goodness of fit schools (academics and extracurriculars) and providing a list of possible schools matches:

    • Public and/or private

    • Location and information 

    • Reasons for family match

  • Contacting schools:

    • Admissions timeline

    • Determine spaces available

    • Advocating for family

    • Scheduling

  • Prepping families for school visits 

  • Application review (if needed)

  • Interview prep (if needed)

  • Options determined and discussed

  • Student is placed

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