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Boarding School


Our fully supported Boarding School service is more extensive than the School Placement service. Since there is the boarding aspect,  it is extremely important to get the best fit for the student since this will be their home away from home. Our Boarding School Consultants are versed with the ethos and philosophies of boarding schools and have developed relationships with their school personnel. They are experts in matching the best boarding schools for each student.  Please note that fees are applicable per one admissions cycle.

Unique features of our Boarding School Placement typically include:

  • One country (i.e. U.S. or U.K.) and one admissions cycle.

  • Our Boarding School Consultant will liaise with school personnel and determine admissions requirements such as testing (ISEE, SSAT,  TOEFL etc.), transfer of credits, and information on room and board.

  • Our Consultant will assist families with the admissions process and interview prep.

  • Continuous advocacy with Admissions to support the family until placement.


This service does include the scheduling of visits but does not include assistance with travel arrangements such as hotel and logistics between school visits.


Boarding School Placement typically also includes:

  • A comprehensive intake call with the family (with or without the student). This call includes an understanding of the following:

    • Family situation

    • Work/School timelines

    • Student(s) profile

    • Parent(s)’ long-term education goals

    • Discussion of home/host curriculum differences

  • Review of transcripts and student’s interests

  • Determination of goodness of fit schools (academics and extracurriculars) and providing a list of possible schools matches:

    • Location and information 

    • Reasons for family match

  • Contacting schools:

    • Admissions timeline

    • Determine spaces available

    • Advocating for family

    • Scheduling

  • Prepping families for school visits 

  • Application review 

  • Interview prep 

  • Options determined and discussed

  • Student is placed

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