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Essays (Middle/High School Admissions)

Now more than ever, essays have become a vital part of a school application and allows Admissions to get to know a student, and who they are as a person. It is an essential part next to a student’s grades and activities. go! educational consulting can assist students from brainstorming to editing to write the best essay(s) to showcase that child, making the process less stressful for families.


Sessions may include:

  • Getting to know a student and what they are passionate about. Reviewing their interests, what makes them unique, and in essence, who they are and highlighting that “it” to Admissions. 

  • Brainstorming ideas, helping them share their story, and providing guidance for the direction of the essay(s).

  • Editing including organization, spelling, grammar, choice of words, vocabulary, and sentence structure. 


Essays (College/Graduate School Admissions)

go! educational consulting has assisted high schoolers and undergraduates gain admission to their #1 choice schools. Whether the Common App, essays for the UCs (University of California) Personal Insight Questions, the Coalition Application, campus specific essays/short answers or other, go! can assist you with all of the prompts!


Sessions may include:

  • Getting to know the student, who they are, and their major (if decided) so we know their voice and understand their character and potential.

  • We will help brainstorm, offer suggestions for topics, and help craft compelling narratives that provide powerful insights into who an applicant is as a person and what they will bring to the campus as a student.

  • Helping their essay be more memorable by establishing hook sentences, adjectives, anecdotes, examples, and quantitative information if needed.

  • Editing including organization, structure, tone, grammar, and vocabulary to ensure a clear message and clarity in writing.


Since each student varies on the number of essays needed and length (word count), we offer this service on an hourly basis or as part of a package that would be best suited for the student.

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