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A School Consult consists of an overview of schooling options in a specific location for families who require an understanding of the local educational landscape. Families can then make an informed decision about the potential move to a new city/country or about a possible change in school for their children.


Consults can also be for families who need assistance on a specific topic or area and have questions unique to their situation.


A Consult for schooling options typically includes:

  • A comprehensive intake call with the parent(s). This call includes an understanding of the following:

    • Family situation

    • Work/School timelines

    • Student(s) profile

    • Parent(s)’ long-term education goals

    • Discussion of home/host curriculum differences

  • Review of transcripts and student’s interests

  • Determination of the schools best fit for the student (looking at academics and extra-curricular activities) and providing a list of potential school matches:

    • Public and/or private school

    • Location of school and school information

    • Reasons for the student/school match


This service does not include contacting schools to schedule school visits nor advocating on behalf of a family. However, the consultation can be rolled into our fully supported School Placement service which includes contacting schools, scheduling, and advocacy.

A Student Consult may be added to a School Consult:


Student Consult (per child) 

Student Consults may be added to a School Consult or School Placement service when a parent would like our educational consultant to talk to the student separately. This is usually very helpful for a middle or high school student to get their thoughts on their education and possible new school environment. Findings will be written up and discussed with the parent(s).


This includes:

  • Student Questionnaire

  • Student Intake/Session

  • Student Summary

  • Follow-up with Parent(s)

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