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We work with the Global Mobility Market:

Corporations and Relocation Companies

go! works closely with corporations in providing education solutions to transferring employees. School placement is often times the linchpin for an assignment and we understand the decision relocating families need to make. Families in transition have many educational challenges, some are unexpected.  Our education specialist can anticipate those needs and provide solutions. Areas of concern include curriculum gaps and overlaps, residency requirements, and graduation. When not done correctly, choosing an unsuitable school can be very costly. go! can save a company unnecessary expenses while best serving the education needs of the family.

Our clients/industries include:

  • Advertising 

  • Construction

  • Consumer Products

  • Education 

  • Entertainment

  • Film and TV

  • Financial Institutions  

  • Food and Beverage

  • Government/Military

  • Health and Fitness

  • Marketing/Digital Marketing

  • Music Industry

  • Natural Resources/Mining

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Real Estate

  • Relocation Management Companies

  • Skin Care

  • Technology

We work with Individual Families

go! also provides similar support to private individuals around the world, whether or not they are moving. We have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful families in unique and diverse situations. We work best with families who are transparent and have an honest understanding of their child. Our consultants will review a student’s transcripts, extra-curriculars, and interests to determine the best schooling options for your family. Our consultants will look past rankings and match schools to your child’s profile. We feel there is no “dream school” but rather many different environments where your child will thrive. Our goal is for your children to be well, be balanced and happy.

Our clients include:

  • Athletes

  • Celebrities

  • Influencers

  • Journalists

  • Lawyers

  • Musicians

We have relationships with Schools and coordinate with Housing Agents:

Because we emphasize fit and working with the admissions teams, we have trustworthy relationships with schools and an ethical reputation all over the world.  Schools have confidence in our student/family recommendations and our genuine match that would benefit both the family and school. go! consultants also work well with housing agents to ensure a smooth transition for the family.  Once appropriate schools are identified, go! works behind the scenes to coordinate the school and housing visits, so the family can concentrate more on their move.

People we coordinate with include:

  • Destination Service Providers

  • Realtors

Who We Work With

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