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Finding you need to repatriate employees during these challenging days? Ask us about our Repatriation Packages. go! educational consulting’s white paper, “The Comeback Kids” discusses repatriation and the impact on an assignee’s children’s education.

Saying Good-bye to your Host Country

With all transitions, one part of a journey ends as another begins. With all endings, some grieve. Please allow your children and family to say good-bye to their host country in a way that will capture positive memories and ties that may continue.

Some ideas are:

  • Revisit all of your favorite places.

  • Take photographs of your host country and make a collage.

  • Create a journal and add pictures to make a book.

  • Identify and say good-bye to special people in your host country. Share with them how much they have impacted your life.

  • Tell your friends about the move and celebrate their friendships (either special time together or hosting a go away party).

  • Discuss creating a group text/email/WhatsApp to keep in touch.

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