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pods to go! What are pods? What should I consider?

When creating a pandemic pod/microschool for your children here are the top considerations:

  1. Do the families have the same COVID-19 Risk Tolerance? Here is a good article to help you determine if your pod is aligned (hyperlink)?

  2. What will the health and safety guidelines be?

  3. What are the ages and grade levels of the children?

  4. What are the needs of the children involved?

  5. Do any students have special needs or learning differences?

  6. How many families will be included?

  7. Who will be the host, or will we switch homes?

  8. What curriculum will we be using (current school, homeschool, or online school program)?

  9. Will any parents teach, or will you need teachers or tutors?

  10. Will the teachers/tutors be in-person, virtual, or hybrid?

Contact go! educational consulting at if you are interested in learning more on how to create your own pod for your children and neighborhood.

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