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Valerie Koo

Educational Consultant

Raleigh, North Carolina

Asia Pacific (APAC) Educational Consulting, Educational Consulting, Research

Valerie Cheung Koo is a Los Angeles native who spent a decade as an expat in Hong Kong. She worked for a global educational consulting firm for the last 10 years as a Field Supervisor and Regional Manager. As a Field Supervisor she supervised a team of consultants, assisted with group moves and successfully placed numerous families in Asia’s challenging educational landscape. Also in public relations, she has worn the hat of Regional Manager where she oversaw business development in APAC attending events and being a speaker at conferences. Valerie holds a B.A. in sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles and currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and two sons. She speaks "survival" Cantonese and is learning Mandarin. In her spare time, she enjoys good food, theatre and traveling.

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