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Sandra Briley

Educational Consultant

Dallas, Texas

Special Educational Needs Consulting, Educational Consulting, Research

Sandra has been in education for the last 20 years. She has taught in both public and private school settings and has worked in the edtech industry. She also homeschooled her two children (now in college), who have learning differences. She continued her passion for helping students by establishing a company to assist those with special needs. After completing her Professional Teaching Post-Graduate Program, she obtained her master’s degree in Special Education. She also holds teaching certifications in EC-4 Elementary Education and EC-12 Special Education. She is a certified provider of Interactive Metronome (a neurotiming therapy which improves cognitive and motor skills) and is certified by the American Institute of Healthcare Professionals as an Attention Deficit Consultant. When she is not working with students, Sandra enjoys spending time with family, reading, walking, and learning about new intervention strategies.

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