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Patricia Mazuera

Educational Consultant

New York City, NY

New York City, Shanghai Educational Consulting, Boarding School Consulting, Teacher/Tutor

Patricia Mazuera-Johnson, a seasoned educator at a highly regarded private school in NYC, boasts a rich academic journey spanning prestigious institutions like Trinity, Ethical Culture Fieldston, and Avenues. She is an expat herself having lived in Spain, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, and Sydney. Patricia is also currently an adjunct professor at Bank Street Graduate College of Education, where she also received her Master’s of Education. She is a proud mother of three, adeptly having navigated international schooling and Ivy League admissions. She is fluent in Spanish while Mandarin aids her global endeavors. Her love for poetry, hiking, and travel enriches her life in the vibrant Upper West Side of NYC, alongside her penchant for cultural exploration, including museum visits and garden strolls.

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