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Linda Kiarsis

Educational Consultant

Southern Florida

Greater New York and Florida Educational Consulting, Boarding School Consulting

Linda has been a Field Supervisor and Educational Consultant for over 16 years. She works with families relocating to New York (New York City and Westchester), New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Florida. She has managed numerous school placements by supervising a team of consultants in North America and Latin America. Her school placement consultations have included public schools and private day schools in the various states, as well as boarding schools in the New England area. Linda is known for her warmth, empathy, and enthusiasm for developing outstanding relationships with schools. She served as a Trustee on the Board of Education, was President of the Parent Teacher Student Association, and a liaison to the Special Services Department. She has raised five children and currently resides in Florida. She enjoys traveling to visit her children and grandchildren, enjoys playing golf, and cooking.

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