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Karen Lee Mah


Los Angeles, California

Executive Director Americas West, APAC (Asia Pacific)

Karen has been in education management for the last 15 years. She spent 10 of those years in school placement with School Choice International, a global education consulting company. Karen assisted over 1,000 children by supervising consultants to find the best school match (Preschool - College) across the globe. As a Director with many hats, her experience also included recruiting, training, and on-boarding hundreds of educational consultants worldwide, as well as working with special needs families. Past experiences include writing for Kids LA magazine, hosting a radio show called “got kids?”, and producing videos for her company Heaven and Earth Productions. Most recently, Karen was in business development, working for a tutoring company and an EdTech organization. She is a graduate of Cornell University with a B.S. in Business and has lived in Honolulu, Hawaii and Boston, Massachusetts. A Los Angeles native, Karen has three children – one who just finished her master’s in the UK and two of whom are in college. She currently enjoys volunteering, being a foodie, and traveling.

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